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HALA's 2017 Training Programme - one of many member benefits

Posted by Tim Morel on Fri, Jan 13 2017 15:23:00

On Friday, 20th January The Housing Associations Legal Alliance (HALA), which is managed by Kennedy Cater, will see its 2017 programme of member training courses begin. The session on Rent Arrears and Possession Tenancy will be hosted by Capsticks LLP, who are one of HALA's panel firms.

This marks the first stage of a raft of courses and seminars that will be run throughout the year, all of which are provided by HALA's panel firms. Sessions are designed as a direct result of feedback from the HALA membership and seek to meet current training needs. The seminar programme is one of the key value added benefits of being a HALA member and all are offered free of charge. 

A large number of additional membership benefits are also available, including; 

  • Free of charge advice helplines
  • Drop in surgeries
  • Legal updates
  • video conferencing
  • Access to firms' profession support lawyers and librarians
  • Use of meeting rooms
  • Social value benefits - including work experience and employment opportunities for residents 

A new benefit which is of particular interest is that HALA's panel firms have also agreed that if they prepare advice which is relevant to more than one member, it may be shared. This time and cost saving benefit is a step change and signifies the strong relationship that Kennedy Cater, HALA and its panel firms have developed.

Tim Morel, Director and Founder of Kennedy Cater, adds,

'The HALA Legal Framework is a growing success, not only for the competitive hourly rates that we have managed to negotiate, which are discounted by at least 30% on standard rates, but clearly in the valuable benefits that membership affords. The costs of which, if bought alone, would run to many thousands of pounds. The 2017 training programme which is a key part of this, deserves to be a huge success.'

Updates on the course programme can be found at, and upcoming courses will be announced in advance on Twitter @HALegalAlliance


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