Kennedy Cater Legal



We provide services to a range of both private and public sector organisations, helping them to drive down the cost of their external legal provision and create internal efficiencies.

Our experienced team of legal procurement professionals have the depth of knowledge and expertise to work closely with clients delivering value through our broad range of products and services.


Typical challenges facing businesses of all sizes are:

  • Not always knowing where to go to get the best legal advice
  • Being unaware of the broad range of legal options available
  • Inability to secure the best rates, volume discounts or structured fees
  • Unsuitable use of law firms (i.e. reliance on a single firm for all legal needs - which can be costly and does not necessarily lead to the best advice)
  • Controlling legal spend and obtaining cost certainty
  • Not always knowing what they should be paying: lack of market transparency
  • Lack of time

KC brings 3 key ingredients:

  • Legal market knowhow, enabling us to identify and benchmark the best lawyers and rates for each task
  • Profile, aggregate buying power and procurement skills allowing us to access those lawyers and rates
  • Legal issue, case and transaction knowhow enabling us to understand and manage legal tasks efficiently and on an equal footing with law firms

These skills sensibly applied deliver:

  • Very significant demonstrable savings
  • Cost certainty
  • Valuable time savings for our Clients


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