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Who we are

Kennedy Cater was founded in 2006. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of companies, public sector organisations, charities and other entities helping them drive efficiencies and savings on their legal spend, ensuring at all times that they are receiving the advice of first-class legal professionals who are specialists in their required field.

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Kennedy Cater Services

We provide a full suite of services; from legal spend reviews, procurement, and panel management to providing innovative direct legal consultancy services through our outsourced In-House Legal/GC solutions. Our clients consist of both private and public sector organisations from every industry and of every size and regulated environment. Our purpose is simple: to provide cost savings to our clients on great quality legal services.
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Panel Management


We believe our clients deserve technically excellent legal services tailored to them and their requirements.
Shared Services Consultancy


Legal fees should always be fair and competitive. We work to ensure our clients make significant savings.
Kennedy Fees Analysis


We work with our clients to minimize complexity, be innovative and effective and ultimately save time and money.

Our Team

Our core team includes experienced professionals, in many areas of law and procurement. We are all motivated to work towards achieving our clients’ goals. We will always go the extra mile and make sure our clients access the best lawyer for the best price.

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Customer Reviews

Financial Services
  • Any company who needs legal guidance would do very well with Kennedy Cater. The quality of advice and the swift, attentive service would be worth a hefty premium but, instead, they save you money too. What’s not to like?

    Octavius Black, Global Managing Director,
    The Mind Gym

  • Kennedy Cater's comprehensive approach to procuring legal services included a detailed analysis of Riverside's legal spend, procurement options and the business cases for each. We asked Kennedy Cater to run an EU compliant tender to establish a national panel of specialist housing solicitors. The result exceeded our expectations, providing a solution that delivers significant and sustainable savings, and notable value added benefits. Kennedy Cater also helped us put in place effective user guides so that we now have visibility of all ongoing matters and few unwelcome surprises regarding fees.

    Lynn McCracken, Director of Legal Services,
    The Riverside Group

  • Without the support of Kennedy Cater and their knowledge of the legal services market our members would not have realised the potential savings on their legal services expenditure. Kennedy Cater's drive and commitment enabled us to put in place a strong panel of firms which our members fully own in a remarkably short timescale

    Neil Biddiscombe,
    Procurement Manager for Advantage SW

  • Kennedy Cater have helped us to achieve real and significant savings on our legal procurement both by bearing down on the costs of our existing lawyers and recommending us to other leading experts at excellent rates. The business has further benefitted through using Kennedy Cater to manage the legal issues we have and the lawyers we instruct thereby freeing up management time and preventing any unexpected legal costs. I am very happy to endorse and recommend their services.

    Neil Biddiscombe,
    Procurement Manager for Advantage SW

  • The Kennedy Cater team are practical, supportive and easy to deal with, as are the barristers they have introduced us to; the KC solution is what it says it is: technically excellent and very cost effective; I am pleased to provide them with this testimonial.

    Bev Fitzpatrick,
    Group HR Director, Connells

  • Until recommended to do so by Kennedy Cater I had not used a barrister directly before; KC introduced us to a commercial and practical barrister who quickly got to the heart of our issue, advised us on it and remained engaged with us on and off over the following weeks supporting us through to its conclusion; KC managed the process, ensuring that advice was provided promptly and in line with the cost estimates which we had approved; prior to this I had not realised what good value barristers represent – we paid £85 per hour! I have no hesitation in recommending KC and the service they offer.

    Jeremy Swan,
    Managing Director, Cicero

  • The LBLA asked Kennedy Cater to deliver a solicitors panel. We were really clear from the beginning that we didn't just want a solicitor's panel like anybody else's. My experience with panels and contracts generally is that people set them up and then think, "job done". Thereafter there is a risk that those instructing external firms or barristers and those firms or clerks ignore the agreed rates and charging structure, and the contract is quietly forgotten. Our arrangement whereby Kennedy Cater monitor the cost and quality of the services provided by the panel firms means there is real discipline, and the anticipated benefits and efficiencies agreed as part of the contract are achieved.

    Hugh Peart - Director of Governance and Legal Services,
    Harrow Council, and Head of Legal, Buckinghamshire Council

  • So many great ideas and projects fail to reach their potential even after implementation but with Kennedy Cater driving the process forward the London Boroughs Legal Alliance has quickly become a successful working arrangement, and we are already seeing the cost saving benefits. If you are looking to set up a panel and collaborative legal arrangement I highly recommend getting them involved.

    Michael Cogher,
    Head of Legal Services, City of London

  • I am confident that all members of HALA will make substantial savings on their external legal costs enabling us to report to the Audit Commission positively on this breakthrough value for money initiative. Kennedy Cater has driven the process forward and continue to privide vital support and insight helping the members capture the savings and value for money that we all set out to achieve.

    Katrina Robinson MBE,
    Head of Legal Services for Viridian Housing (HALA)



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